Author Alan Deutschman
Author Alan Deutschman

The Second Coming of Steve Jobs
Deutschman's first book is a revealing, balanced portrait of Apple Computer CEO and founder Steve Jobs. This fast paced book - which has been a business best seller and translated into several foreign languages - is a well researched look inside one of Silicon Valley's flagship companies and follows the man who engineered one of the greatest turnarounds in the post-Internet economy. Deutschman gets closer to Jobs's inner self than any previous attempt, seeking to understand the man, not the icon.

Pages: 352
Publisher: Broadway; 1st Trade edition (September 11, 2001)
ISBN: 0767904338

"Links Jobs's business innovations and personal failings..."
Book World Feature Story

"Imagine what (Jobs) would be like if he hadn't studied Zen."

"Grim tales from Apple's core ... a brilliant but difficult character."
"A mesmerizing, outstanding read, this book crackles with energy.."
"Includes fascinating details.."
"A fascinating, fast read ... "
"... contradictions behind Jobs' public magnetism and private arrogance."
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"Get a spoon. Your deep dish treat has arrived..."
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"A page-turner ... rare insight ... tantalizing ... already creating a buzz in Silicon Valley..."
"Jobs was down to his last $10 million, but he came back..."
The shelf life is long, according to Business 2.0
"The strangest of high-tech industry books -- it's good."
October 2000 Issue of Vanity Fair "Who says there are no second acts in American lives..."
"Revealing ... balanced ... a juicy, privileged look..."
"Deutschman does not stint ... Readers will line up... "
"Fascinating ... an important addition to both public and academic libraries."
"Delicious ... detailed ... Deutschman has covered it all."
Alan Deutschman, author of The Second Coming of Steve Jobs
"Intriguing ... a revealing account of a singular individual."
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"... n'aurait sans doute pas eu un tel écho si Steve Jobs lui-même ne s'était pas mêlé de cette histoire!"
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